Benelli 150 review

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Benelli 150 review

Benelli RFS 150I Owners Reviews

Contact your local dealer for specific availability. Obey the law and always wear a dot approved helmet, appropriate eye protection and proper clothing whenever you ride. Respect the rights of others when you ride, never ride after consuming drugs or alcohol, and never race other vehicles.

Vehicle photos and specifications on this website may reflect models sold in other regions of the world than the USA. SSR Motorsports is the exclusive distributor of Benelli motorcycles and scooters.

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We will process your information in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, and will take appropriate steps to maintain the security of this site. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with government legislation and regulations to protect personal information about you, including but not limited to those indicated in the General Data Protection Regulation n.I would like to start off this Benelli SuperNova review by stating that I am not affiliated with Benelli in any way.

I bought this gun with my own money and this review is based on my 10 years of hunting with the SuperNova. After researching and comparing different shotgun manufacturers and weighing the pros and cons of each I finally settled on the SuperNova. In my 10 years of owning the shotgun, I have been able to put it to the test to find out what it can handle. In my experience, for the price, this shotgun is unmatched in comfort, versatility, and adjustability.

My experience with the SuperNova revolves around waterfowl, turkey, and upland bird hunting. I also cover aspects I feel are most important to touch on from my experiences with the SuperNova.

Below is a list of the topics and subtopics this post will cover:. When purchasing a new shotgun price is the first thing I look at.

Another option would be to buy a used SuperNova. I know, I hear you, you want that brand-new shiny shotgun — but hear me out. The SuperNova is a very reliable shotgun, pump action shotguns, in general, are quite reliable. For this reason, buying a used pump shotgun is not a bad option.

Further, the SuperNova is a quite popular shotgun so if you spend a little time looking around your local gun shops you are apt to find one. Many times, used guns look just as good as brand-new ones. Gunbroker will ship guns to your nearest federally licensed gun shop. This is something to consider when purchasing a new gun. Fit and feel is the most important aspect of buying a new gun.

For this reason, I felt this was an import aspect to cover in this review. To achieve proper shotgun fit you should be able to close your eyes, bring the stock to your face, then open your eyes and be able to see perfectly down the sights without needing to make any adjustments. With the SuperNova gone are the days of spending money on a gunsmith to have them do some quirky adjustment to your new gun so you can see down the barrel properly.

A fantastic feature of the SuperNova and all Benelli guns is that the stock can be adjusted to fit anyone. The SuperNova comes with shims that can be placed where the stock and receiver meet. The shims allow you to adjust the angle of the stock up, down, left and right drop and cast until it fits your face perfectly. Having the option to adjust the cast allows left handed shooters to achieve a great fit as well.Apart from this, the Special Edition also comes with a throttle grip and adjustable brake lever.

However, when it comes to the standard Benelli RFS i, it is considered as one of the finest and most stylish mopeds in the Malaysian market.

benelli 150 review

It is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, cc engine that generates The well-balanced chassis comprises of upside-down telescopic forks at the front and oil damped telescopic coil spring with a single shock absorber at the rear. Braking is taken care of by disc brakes at both ends. Watch latest video reviews of Benelli RFS I to know about its performance, mileage, styling and more. With its commuter-oriented purpose, the Benelli RFS takes a leaf from its other sportier siblings in its portfolio and tries to infuse that sense of sportiness in this segment of mopeds as well.

It is easy to predict that the Benelli RFS is one of the finest and most stylish products in the entire moped segment of Malaysia. The scooter, in typical Benelli fashion, has an Italian flair in its design, which goes well with the slim body design of it.

The frontal stance of the Benelli RFS I has got a sharp and big essence to it, thanks to the wide front apron. The headlamp is mounted in the conventional positioning on the handlebar, but its vertical layout is something which makes it look unique.

However, what really catches the fancy are the daytime running LEDs on the lower center portion of the front apron, which makes the RFS look very premium.

The turn indicators too have nice vertical positioning on the side edges of the apron. The side profile of the RFS I carries the sporty intentions of the front in a very well manner.

The side body panels have a very nice Y-shaped theme, starting from the side edges of the front apron and going all the way to the rear tailpiece in a curvy fashion. The stepped theme for the single piece seat as well as the split pillion grab rails are something which the RFS has got the inspiration from the more premium sport motorcycles.

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The long single exhaust pipe, however, looks functional. At the rear, the RFS has got a very minimalist appeal, thanks to a small tailpiece and a tiny tail lamp nestled in the center. The instrument console of the RFS is easily the most modern looking unit among that of all the mopeds from other makers put together.

The part digital console here consists of an analog tachometer and LCD screen for speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, and engine temperature gauge.

The well-balanced chassis comprises of upside-down telescopic forks at the front and oil damped telescopic coil spring with single shock absorber at the rear. The suspension of the RFSI, especially the front setup, is quite advanced in this segment, which along with the large inch wheels, makes the overall handling quite sharp and precise.

Even the braking setup is quite one up over its rivals, with the RFS getting a mm disc at the front and a mm disc at the rear.SSR Motorsports continues its full-court press for a slice of the U. Benelli falls under the Chinese-based Q. The handlebar rocks a fairing similar to the classic Italian-style rides but puts a contemporary spin on it with some sporty angles and a miniature flyscreen that looks cool, but probably shelters little beyond the instrumentation that rides just behind.

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Rather than relying on a complex monocoque assembly to provide the structure, Benelli runs with the underframe option that I vastly prefer for its ease of body repairs compared to the alternative, generally speaking. Hydraulically-dampened telescopic forks float the front end on 3. These large-diameter tires lend the Caffenero handling characteristics far beyond what you can expect from scooters rolling on the typical to inch doughnuts.

Benelli kept the brakes modern as well with fore-and-aft hydraulic discs. Thank goodness; it is an unending source of amazement for me that so many manufacturers cling to their rear drum brakes, only to inflict them on their patrons. The discs measure out at mm with straight up honest braking and no ABS to complicate the plumbing. A water-cooled thumper drives the Caffenero, and as with most scooters, it is a stressed member that bolts up to the transmission housing that also mounts the rear wheel to form the swing-mount drive unit.

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The single cylinder displaces At 7, rpm, the plant generates A centrifugal clutch decouples the system at idle to act as a sort of neutral. What does that get you? Well, another modern-looking ride for starters.

The powerplants are similar in their layout and cooling method, but Yamaha crams in more cubage with a cc thumper and claims 10 pound-feet; 0. Wink, nudge. Along with front and rear disc brakes, that tells me this scooter can be a contender. When translated, the name is Black Coffee. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement is intended. Image Source: benelli.

benelli 150 review

Back to Model. Benelli Caffenero. Keep it around town, 'cause on the highway, it's going to take everything you've got to keep up. Engine: Single Cylinder, Water-cooled, 4-stroke Displacement: Fit-and-finish goes to the Tuning Fork Company, but on-a-budget buyers may go for the Benelli.

What do you think? Motorcycle Finder:. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:.The Benelli is another impressive and well-known brand that has proved to be the best in almost all the bikes categories i. This year it has launched the beautiful and stylish Benelli Caffenero Scooter, which is not only simple and affordable but powerful than most of the scooters out there as well. This scooter is characterized by its lightweight, comfort and easy handling.

It is comfortable enough to provide an amazing riding experience all day long. Its engine is highly efficient and requires little fuel to operate, which makes it cost efficient scooter as well.

Benelli RFS 150I

This scooter is really handsome in terms of shape and color combination and unique in its category. The review of new Benelli Caffenero Scooter with its technical specifications and pictures are given below. The new Benelli Caffenero Scooter features the powerful in-line single cylinder It is basically water cooled engine having SOHC technology.

The bore to stroke and compression ratio have been carefully set i. It has the ability to deliver the output of 9. The latest fuel system has been used to make sure that it uses an ample amount of fuel and save the cost on fuel.

Benelli 2018 Caffenero 150 Scooter Review Specs

The automatic clutch and gearbox make sure that rider only enjoys the ride and do not worry about gear shifting sort of things. An electric starting is another proof that Benelli always keeps the preferences and comfort of its customer on priority bases like in Benelli RFS i Scooter.

It makes sure that rider can have an easy start with just a push of a button under all conditions. The new Benelli Caffenero Scooter features an attractive, stylish, compact and strong rocker type chassis. The overall color combination and shape is very attractive and always demand another look. The suspension system has been optimized for better and smooth riding experience.

The front suspension features the new telescopic forks while the rear suspension has telescopic coil spring with oil-damped for added damping force. The front suspension travel of 70 mm while the rear section has 50 mm that offers an ultimate level of comfort and smooth ride. The braking system comprises up of front and rear disc brakes for better-stopping force. This article is about the review of new Benelli Caffenero Scooter and it is covered under www. Its powerful engine has been optimized in a way that it provides massive amount of controllable torque and output that helps in city traffic and long distance ride.

If someone is thinking about the long rides to meet friends and family members, than the new Benelli Caffenero Scooter is better option because of its comfortable seat and easy handing experience. The handlebars provides maximum control over the hands of rider. The new electric starter makes the starting easier than many other scooters and it is fully functional under all conditions.Till date, 10 genuine owners have shared their feedback on Benelli RFS Iof which, 9 users are happy while 1 Motorcycle User s choose to remain neutral.

The Benelli RFS i is one product which proved me that fun and frolic need not be necessarily associated with only big and powerful bikes or scooters. This surely is one pocket rocket from Benelli, as the RFS i has the magnetic appeal which makes it look so fast, even before riding it. I was n Read Full Review. The bike is very agile and makes you want to flick it into corners every time. The grip levels are superb and is very confidence-inspiring. If you like nimble agile performance machines, this is it.

Read Full Review. Being the only moped by Benelli, I had a lot of expectations from the RFS i when I bought it a few months back and I must say that it has lived up to my every expectation. For starters, the Benelli RFS i gets a stylish and aggressive looking design that is a sure shot head turner in the city.

The Benelli RFS i is by far the best looking underbone in the market right now. It has got a unique design that is very different from the traditional underbones available in the market. The curvy and sharp body, sporty graphics and peppy performance make the RFS i the ideal vehicle for me. Th Read Full Review. I have always loved the Italians for their design and when it was time to get a new scooter, the Benelli RFS i was the obvious choice.

It looks built for a purpose and is brilliant to ride. It changes direction on a dime and the balance is just amazing. It is not a very practical bike but that is Read Full Review. The Italians certainly know a thing or two about design. With all the different scooters we have today, the Benelli RFS i is the one that looks most distinctive according to me. The brakes Read Full Review.The Benelli motorcycles, that was launched recently gained more attention among the youngsters and the street fighter lovers.

There is already a big fight is going around in choosing the best cc motorcycle between the Honda Hornet and Suzuki Gixxer.

2018 Benelli Caffenero 150

But, Benelli is clever we feelas the manufacturer understood the market and the needs of the Indian users. If the price, mileage and after sales service are addressed properly, the Benelli may get good a population in Indian roads.

The Benelli is a baby TNT model and has its heritage line of design receiving from its cc motorcycles. The external design of the Benelli looks simple and neat, rather being like a new modern age motorcycles. The Benelli can be related to the Honda Unicorn, as both the motorcycle suit wide age group of riders and good commuting experience.

Though, the Benelli has the modest design, there are lots more feature included, that is considered as the special ones. The Benelli resembles mostly the TNT 25 in many aspects. The Benelli branding on the large fuel tank is appealing and eye catching. The front fender is sharp and flat and goes well with the typical Benelli brand headlight. The cleaved seat and the side profile of the Benelli is nice with the decent grab rails. The sharp cone shaped side indicators and the engine shrill add beauty to the TNT 15 Benelli.

The stunning part of the Benelli is the rear side. The construction of the tail section is an art from the Benelli, that the set up reminiscent the Benelli i with the dual under seat exhaust.

Overall, the Benelli though lacks modern body language, has typical Benelli brand cues and neat outlook. The Benelli TNT 15 is powered by a cc, single cylinder, air cooled, 4-stroke, 2-valve engine. The baby Benelli can produce The engine is connected to a 5-speed gearbox rather equipped with a six-speed. The Benelli TNT 15 top speed is expected to be Kmph, which is decent for the engine specification.

The limited engine power may on the other side can reward the fuel economy for the rider. Also, the Benelli TNT 15 mileage can be an attractive part of this new product, which may offer a figure of Kmpl.

benelli 150 review

The dashboard of the Benelli is interesting and offers an appearance of a higher capacity bike. At the center of the dashboard is the large round shaped tachometer, which gets an overlap of the rectangular shaped digital speedometer.


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