Dell switch uptime command

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Dell switch uptime command

Before you connect a switch to or disconnect a switch from a stack, power it off. Connecting or disconnecting the StackWise cables when switches are powered on can cause switch reloads or temporary traffic loss in the active switches.

If a switch does not join a stack, look for incompatibilities between the stack master and member switches in relation to the Cisco IOS version, the license levels, and the configuration settings on the switches.

dell switch uptime command

A new switch might not join a stack when Cisco IOS versions or stack protocol versions differ. Review these points about Cisco IOS versions and stack protocol versions:. The Cisco IOS software version running on a switch that you plan to add to a switch stack must either be the same as or compatible with on the master switch version.

dell switch uptime command

After you connect a new switch to a switch stack, enter the show version user EXEC command to see the version information, the switch types, and the active Cisco IOS version for each switch:.

If stack members are running incompatible Cisco IOS versions, software version incompatibilities called mismatches occur. If you have a switch that cannot join a switch stack, enter the show switch user EXEC command to see whether the state of the switch is in Version Mismatch see Switch 3 :. To see which software version switch 3 is running, enter the remote 3 show version command.

If the stack master detects that the software on a new switch does not match, it upgrades or downgrades the new switch with the active image that is running on the switch stack by using the automatic upgrade auto-upgrade and the automatic advise auto-advise features.

Switches with the same major version number but a different minor version number are considered partially compatible. When you connect a partially compatible switch to a stack, the new switch might enter version-mismatch mode and not join the stack as a functional member.

The current state in this case is also Version Mismatch, which you can see by entering the show switch user EXEC command:. Mismatched or incompatible software license levels might prevent a Catalyst E switch from joining a stack.

These license levels are also called sets, or feature sets:.

Reset Dell PowerConnect Switch with Serial Connection

Each member switch must have a compatible feature license. Otherwise, you need to upgrade the license level and then reload the switch. To review the installed license in a member switch, enter these commands.

In this example, member switches have the same license level:. A switch can have up to three installed licenses, but only one is active. Use the show version user EXEC command to see the active licenses. This example is part of the output message for one stack:.

Troubleshooting Switch Stacks

Reload the switch after you upgrade the license level. See the appropriate software configuration guide for more information on license administration. Note Activating a specific feature set on Catalyst switches requires a specific Cisco IOS version in each switch. These switches do not use licenses to activate features. A switch previously used as a standalone or in a different stack might have different configuration settings. Return the switch to its default values before you connect it to a new stack.

When you add a switch to a stack, the stack master automatically changes the configuration of the new switch. The master switch revises the new member switch port numbers to conform to the current port numbering sequence in the stack. Any existing port-level configuration in the newly-added switch is automatically cleared or updated.Address Table. Spanning Tree. Class of Service. Link Aggregation.

Multicast Support. When you connect to the management mode of the switch with a web browser, a login screen is displayed. Enter a user name and password to access the switch's management mode.

The System page contains a dynamic switch applet that displays the current status of the switch ports. The color of each switch port icon indicates its link status:. The Switch page contains all system operations and general information.

It includes links to the following options:. To save any changes you make in this page, click Apply Changes. If you don't want to save the changes, click Refresh. System Up time: 0 days, 0 hours, 14 minutes, and Displays hardware and software version information for the system, as well as the unit's power status. The Logs page allows you to scroll through the logged system and event messages. The switch can store up to 2 kilobytes KB of log entries in temporary random access memory RAM memory flushed on power reset and up to 4 KB of entries in permanent flash memory.

The system log messages are categorized by severity into eight levels, from 0 Emergencies to 7 Debugging. The default is for messages with severity levels of 0 to 3 to be logged to flash and levels 0 to 7 to be logged to RAM. Severe error messages that are logged to flash memory are permanently stored in the switch to assist in troubleshooting network problems.

Up to 4 KB of message entries can be stored in the flash memory, with older messages being overwritten first when this memory capacity has been exceeded.

The page includes the following editable fields:. By default, all ports on the switch are members of VLAN 1, so a management station can be connected to any port on the switch.Unity Family technical documentation. Create an upgrade session to upgrade the system or view existing upgrade sessions. The upgrade session installs an upgrade candidate file that was uploaded to the system.

Download the latest upgrade candidate from the support website. Use the -upload switch to upload it to the system before creating the upgrade session. The latest software upgrade candidate contains all available hot fixes. If you have applied hot fixes to your system, the hot fixes will be included in the latest upgrade candidate. Display details about the version of the installed system software any upgrade candidates that have been uploaded to the system.

Upgrade the system explains how to upgrade the system software. The following command displays details about the installed system software and an uploaded upgrade candidate:. Perform a health check of the entire system. A health check is a series of checks on the state of your system to ensure that no underlying problems exist. To upgrade the system software, upload an upgrade candidate file that you download from the support website and use the -upload qualifier. Once you upload the candidate file to the system, use an upgrade session to start the upgrade process.

Create upgrade sessions explains configuring upgrade sessions. Creates a new upgrade session. This could be a software or hardware upgrade that is monitored by a session. The following command initiates a software upgrade that pauses after the first SP reboots. The following command shows an issue with the pre-upgrade health check in Additional info. The show action command displays a list of objects that exist on the system and the attributes of those objects.

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You can specify an object qualifier to view the attributes for a single object. The show action command provides qualifiers for changing the display of the output, including the format and the attributes to include. The following command modifies the set of attributes in the show action output. Show navigation. On this page Upgrade the system View system software versions Perform a system health check Upload an upgrade candidate Create upgrade sessions View upgrade sessions The show action command.Home Directory About.

Search Exchange Advanced Search. Search All Sites. Nagios Live Webinars Let our experts show you how Nagios can help your organization. Register Now. Login Username. Remember Me. Not super-featured, but works well for what it is made for. I am using a stack of 5 Dell Powerconnect switches. I was curious how to check the ports on anything after the first switch and, through trial an error, I figured it out. It separates each switch in the stack by 2. So I made a formula.

Calculate t by adding your total number of numbered ports count on front plus SFP if you have them and add 2 to this number. Solve for n, port you want to watch. Nagios, the Nagios logo, and Nagios graphics are the servicemarks, trademarks, or registered trademarks owned by Nagios Enterprises.

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We do, however, think these community contributions are pretty damn cool. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Trademarks Terms of Use. All Categories. Add Listing.

New Listings. Recently Updated Listings. Most Favoured Listings. Featured Listing. Most Popular Listings. Most Rated Listings. Top Rated Listings. Most Reviewed Listings.I recently reconfigured one of my Dell PowerConnect P switches to prepare it for another task. To perform this task, I connected to the serial interface, logged into the CLI console with my terminal emulator and reset the device, and configured an ip address in preparation to use the web GUI. The first step is to find the serial cable that came with the switch, or any other typical serial cable.

Connect it to the back side of the Dell PowerConnect in the serial port interface as shown in the photo. If your computer has a serial port, then you are in luck, connect it there. If not, you will have to find a computer with a serial port, or get a USB to Serial adapter.

You can see how it connects in the photo. Next, find a terminal emulator that will recognize your serial port. Typical terminal emulators are putty or hyperterm on Windows workstations. This leads to the next step. You can see the settings below that I found configured in my Dell PowerConnect switch:. The next step after connecting with the terminal emulator was to reset the switch to factory default settings. We do this by deleting the startup-config file and then reloading the switch as shown below:.

This will reset the switch to factory default settings. First, I just checked to see if an address was assigned already:. At this point, I plugged in an ethernet cable from my workstation to interface e1 of the switch.

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That did it. I returned to the browser and am now able to login successfully with the web gui to complete my configuration!

I am now ready to add any site-specific configuration that I need for my specific needs. Your email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Jeff Staten.

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If there is one thing he knows for sure, it is that there is always a simple answer to every IT problem and that downtime begins with complexity. Latest posts by Jeff Staten see all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.I have a port that I believe is going up and down on a X-port switch.

dell switch uptime command

Is there a command that will show information as to how long that port has been in an "up" state? I am not sure if there is a command that show that, however if you have monitoring system it will show when and how many times has an interface gone up and down. No, it always shows this same date and time for all the interfaces even though the switch is configure with the correct date and time.

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I don't think this command actually woks. Thanks for this! I believe the timestamp is from when the switch first booted, before it set its clock. Try the following commands. Someone else in the community shared this with me quite awhile back. It has helped us a lot. For a single interface. Buy or Renew. Find A Community. We're here for you! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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dell switch uptime command

Did you mean:. Adam Sorenson. Command to see Switchport Uptime. Labels: Other Switching. I have this problem too. Reza Sharifi. VIP Expert. I am not sure if there is a. Leo Laohoo.

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Hall of Fame Community Legend. Look at your logs if link.So we gambled. And lost. Our PBR rules are not complex by any means. IP based rules, nothing crazy, certainly within what any reasonable switch could handle for routing. So we loaded up the modest ACLs, made the route-map rules, turned it on and it worked!

Until we had to make a change. So in the N series and maybe in the other series based on this OS, I don't knowin order to update any ACL used for PBR, you must delete the route-map rules first then do your changes to the ACL, then re-create your route-map rules. You read that right. You have to kill your routing just to make a change, then redo it all. I was told this was by design. We're currently working on a migration path to throw away our shiny new dell switches.

Don't gamble, don't use Dell for networking. Just simply doing a "show run" takes 2 minutes before it would display the config. I was told by support that is is normal.

Then there was the ACL issue above. It instantly seized the entire stack. All of switch 2 SFPs went dark, serial console unresponsive, everything went down. Switch 1 would not come up. Several power cycles, taking my time to let 1 switch come up fully, then power on the other. Neither combo worked. Only switch 2 would come up which is weird, cause that's the one that I initially had the problem with.

Okay, I removed the stack ports, boot switch 1 up solo. Still nothing comes up. Time for drastic measures. I boot up switch 1 solo, clear the config. Boom, SFPs light up again. Then I add it back to the stack. All SFPs go dark, back to the same problem. In the end, I had to clear the entire switch stack config just to get them working again.

These are the biggest pieces of junk. I will be calling Dell to demand they take them back for a full refund. I knew I would get bit by this. It's like an ex girlfriend calling to get back together "No come on, I won't hurt you this time. I'm different now, I have a new OS.

Come on baby, give me one more chance" I'm dumb, I did, paid the price. Damn you Dell. That sounds stupid. I'd talk to our Dell rep to see what the hell this is about, but then we went Cisco in our last upgrade so I'm not sure how eager he is to answer my calls.


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