Free dollhouse miniature printables

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Free dollhouse miniature printables

This means you may not copy these templates then create a tutorial, video or a template based off our designs for your website, your YouTube channel, your blog or any of your social network sites. If you decide to create a project using one of our templates you fully understand that some of the DIY tutorials, projects, materials, and techniques may not be appropriate for all ages or skill levels.

Download PDF- Chairs. Download- Nook Bench 08 Download PDF- Bench 08 Dowload PDF- Table 08 Download PDF- hutch. Download PDF miniature-clocks. Download PDF- island-and-counter-top-base. Download PDF- lower-base-cabinets. Download PDF- Cabinets Download PDF- island-base-cabinets. Download PDF - water-cooler. Download PDF- Dishwasher Download PDF- stove-range-with-oven. Download PDF- stove-top-grates. Download PDF- Refrigerator Download PDF- outhouse.

Download PDF- jet-tub. Download PDF- computer-desk. Download PDF- computer. Download PDF- mini-tablets. Download PDF- wooden-computer. Download PDF- secretary- desk. Download PDF - queen-bed Download PDF- twinbed-type-a.

Download PDF- infant-crib. Download PDF- infant-cradle. Download PDF- infant-changing-table. Download PDF- master-bedroom-dresser.

Download PDF- tall-dresser. Download PDF- night-stand. Download PDF- mattresses. Download PDF- toybox. Download PDF- girly-toy-box. Download PDF- washer.Well, we feel the same way, which is why we decided to do a round up of the best free dollhouse miniature printables on the web. But first things first:. A miniature printable is any print you can use to create a miniature. It can include hundreds of things--a bottle label, a poster image, a book cover, and, of course, dollhouse wallpaper.

It works like this: You simply find one you like, print it from your own computer and printer, and use it to make dollhouse miniature or to decorate your dollhouse. Depending on what you're trying to make, you can attach them to bottles, cardboard, foam, wood, and more.

They're perfect for anyone who wants to make their first miniature to a seasoned mini maker. So without further ado, here are our favorite online resources for mini printables! Those are our favorites--what about yours? Let me know where you go to for dollhouse miniature printables in the comments below! Thanks for listing TreeFeathers! I do try to dig up interesting and unique things people will enjoy.

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Dollhouse Printables

But first things first: What is a Miniature Printable? Go Make Something : You'll definitely want to "go make something" after browsing the many mini printables on this site. Hitty Print Mini : You'll especially love all the holiday-themed prints.

La Maison de Lauren : This site is in French, but you won't have trouble navigating its many cool vintage printables. Minna's Miniatures Printables : There's a wide variety of printable boxes and more on Minna's site.Dear subscribers and visitors!

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I am glad, that you are visiting my channel. Today, according to your requests, I decided to make another unusual miniature thing! As you can seepackage of this miniature similar to the original, thanks printables for miniatures, which I made myself for ordinary paper!

I tell you a secret, that printables you can download free from my website DollHouseTube. Printables for miniatures from website DollHouseTube. Super glue; 3. Real powder. Wow, what a cute miniature and most importantly a real powder I turned to my favourite dolls! I want to say, that when I post new videos on my channel DollHouse DIY, I just look forward to your warm comments, new ideas for miniatures.

Thank you so much my dears, that you are with me. Often visit my channel, if you want to be aware of latest novelty. I would be happy to communicate with you! Write your comments, likes and sign up!

9 FREE Dollhouse Miniature Printables Sites

Mmmm, this magical taste! This a soft tortilla with the a strip of succulent, marinated and crumbed chicken, we add fresh Australian lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. Super glue; 2.

Polymer clay; 3. Toothbrush; 4. Pastels; 5. Pin; 6. Fimo vegetables ; 7. Liquid polymer clay; 8. Instruments and materials for comfortable work. Ooo, my God! How it is tasty! Did you see, how realistic I make packaging for our fast food? Do you want this pack download free? Do you know, where you can do it? Now I am tell you! Printablles for miniatures you can download free on website DollHouseTube.

They are correspond A4 paper size, you must only print it on the ordinary paper. See you later, my lovers! Hi, guys, thank you for 11, WOW!!! Today we will learn how to make miniature wax strips for hair removal What it is? These Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips are ideal for removing unwanted hair on the leg and body closer to the root.Printables or "Printers" are a quick, inexpensive way to use a computer printer to produce paper miniatures and models.

There are also reference sheets and boxes to help you keep track of or organize your collection. Many of these printables can also be used to try out a project on a particular scale before creating a more permanent version.


The projects shown here are all suitable for beginners and are available in several common scales. Designs for boxes, small gifts, and treats are useful for wedding favors or gift packagingall of which are included in this list.

These printable miniature accessories can be used for a range of dolls house scenes. There is everything on this list from flower pots and ice cream cakes to photo frames, souvenirs and horse rugs:. Printable kitchenware is currently available in several patterns. These decorations can be used for a variety of seasons. There are more decorations for Christmas and Halloween, including miniature glitter houses, on the second page of this list. There are links to carousels, theaters, and famous buildings in a range of sizes.

Small-scale fabric designs are sometimes hard to come by. These printable fabric designs are available as PDF acrobat reader files set in scale. They can be scaled with a printer for smaller scale designs. Some of these patterns are also suitable for wallpaper, especially for smaller scales. The wallpapers and backdrops in this list are designed for doll houses, scale shops or model horse or fashion doll backdrops in a range from to scale.

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There are French style papers, traditional stripes, country florals, and photo backdrops in various scales. All the designs can also be printed on an inkjet or laser fabric sheets to make coordinating fabric as well. These printable boxes are large enough to use for weddings or party favors as well as for invitations, small treats, preparing special gifts.

They can also be used as a unique way to package miniature products at shows and most make good place cards. Patriotic Paper Plates and Cups - Printable paper plates and cups in scale with a variety of international designs.

There is a set of blank plates that can be decorated with personal designs as well as with themes for the following countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, and the Netherlands. These printable miniature buildings come in two styles. One set features realistic historic buildings, with interior wall finishes and floors, for model railroads, or to be used as a doll house inside a dollhouse.

Second set features fantasy Christmas buildings from the 's to 's in the same scale, which can be used for Christmas tree decorations, a dollhouse Christmas display, or set up as a model or railroad village. Printable Dollhouse and Play Scale Kitchenware. The Country Blue Kitchen Set has:. The Shamrock Pattern is available in:.

Printable Miniature Decorations. Printable Miniature Buildings. Continue to 5 of 14 below. Printables for Miniature Teacup Scenes. Use these printables along with a teacup to make complete miniature scenes:. Printable Dollhouse Wallpapers.

Miniature Heart Shaped Boxes - These will hold tiny Valentine's gifts or candy treats for wedding or shower favors.

free dollhouse miniature printables

They are sized in several scales for dollhouse valentine displays. Spring and Summer Favor Boxes and Rose Garland Boxes - They are available in two colors as well as a tiny stone cottage shaped box for gifts or treats.

Coffin Box - It's suitable for gothic parties and invitations and weddings as well as for special Halloween treats or dollhouse displays.More dates to be added as they are confirmed. Want to join a Miniature Network Ring? Sunday, March 15, Online Events April Email This BlogThis! Tuesday, January 16, Miniature Workshops in Australia. Save on Shipping and Customs Fees. Contact us to make your order before Feb. Workshop Description In the dry climate of California, we enjoy using colorful succulents in creative containers.

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These little "hens and chicks" as they are sometimes called, grow in almost any well-drained container and make a cheerful, low-maintenance display. During the workshop, Carol will show faux painting and image transfer techniques to create succulents in old, re-purposed pots and pans. Students will make realistic looking succulents; weather wood; transfer artwork; create "china", "aluminum", and "graniteware"; and work with paper to make a 3D garden star.

Please email Carol to reserve a kit before Feb. Labels: AustraliaGardenSucculentsWorkshops. Thursday, December 21, Happy Holidays and a pretty wallpaper printie! Labels: ChristmasPrintables. Wednesday, March 29, Back to My Roots. One of the the things that I enjoy about making miniatures is incorporating my experiences into the kits that I design.

free dollhouse miniature printables

Before we moved from Wisconsin to California, I visited my mom, who still lives on the crop farm where I grew up. I wanted to channel the feelings that I had about the family farm into a creative outlet.

On the family farm, my father farmed corn and soybeans. Under his patient guidance, I learned — among many things — how to drive tractors.

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I also learned that corn should be "knee high by the Fourth of July" this was before the days of plant genetics! I hope that it brings a bit of joy and a feeling of nostalgia to other miniature enthusiasts. The Farm Stand, a quarter scale Kit. Labels: Chicago Showfarm stand. This free, online magazine is the result of a collaboration with Robin Betterley's Miniatures. We wanted to work on a project that not only showcased our miniature art, but also gave us the opportunity to incorporate other creative interests: writing, photography, cooking, etc.

It's been a tremendously fun and creative group effort. It's exciting to see just how tiny we can make our quarter scale kits! And even a tiny set of knives hanging on a rack. The knives were photographed on a handle of a real knife.

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free dollhouse miniature printables

About Me Carol Kubrican View my complete profile. Search This Blog.Our monthly newsletter is full of specials, early release notices on kits, tips and tricks and much more.

View All Downloadable Products. Enjoy the free printables below. It's Mini Doll Kits way of saying thank you to our visitors. Just add them to your cart. Look for the red download button after checkout. Missed the download button? Your freebie order confirmation email will have a late download link good for 10 days. Victorian Pharmacy Printables. Free Download.

Based on 2 ratings. Tudor Doublet Accessories. Cleaning Accessory Printables. Based on 8 ratings.

Dollhouse Miniature Madness and Tutorials

Based on 1 ratings. Christmas Paper and Printable Fabric 5 pack. Williamsburg Wallpaper Printies. Based on 3 ratings. Building Blocks3 Pack. Brick Wall 3 Pack. Vintage Diamond Wallpaper 3 Pack. Scale Perfect Fabric Finder. Based on 5 ratings. Colonial Nightgown and Mob Cap Pattern. Wizardly Printies. Country Kitchen Wallpaper. Child's Printable Fabric Pattern Pieces. Based on 6 ratings.

free dollhouse miniature printables

Printable Fabric Tea Towels. Based on 4 ratings. Santa Printable Fabric Accessories. Chippendale Style Bed Canopy Pattern.

Free Printable Ladies Salon Outfit.I have uploaded these as high resolution files to give you good quality graphics on your printies. They are scaled to print straight from the web at 1" scale.

Lots of graphics can be adapted to miniature use to make your own accessories.

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Save the image you want to use to your hard drive, and then size it to your needs with a graphics program. Very generous of them, so if you're in the market for a real rug, be sure and visit them!

Miniature Printables TreeFeathers Original Printies I have uploaded these as high resolution files to give you good quality graphics on your printies. Christmas Printies Antique Valentines St. Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper. Printies Links Scale Printables : A huge collection of vintage and humorous signs, antique maps, book covers all erasand mini scrapbooking printies. Blohm Design Free Printables : Beautiful printable wallpapers and borders. EasyPrinties : Attractive printable pie safe, wooden cabinet, wooden tub, and child's teddy-bear drum.

Go Make Something : Huge archive of projects and printables by Lisa Vollrath, former dollhouse and miniatures writer for About. Jennifers Free Dollhouse Printables : Over printies of household products from different eras, toys and games, gift bags and boxes, and more. Also a ton of great printable wallpapers, organized by era. Miniature Books : A variety of printable antique book covers, also provides interesting info about the books.

Les Minis de Pitou - Imprimables : French site with lots of printies, including boxes, wallpapers, school items, garden items, books and cassettes, music, sewing items, medieval items, and more. Mini Printables : An assortment of miniature sheet music.

Minna's Doll World - Minnan nukkemaailma : Artwork and home decor wallpaper, borders, tiles, rugs and assorted bags and boxes. Site is in English and Finnish. You're sure to find what you're looking for. Check out shop for kits.

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